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Kevin J Czarzasty

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Photographing the fire service since 1975

Structure Fire Golden Wok Restaurant 14 Waterbury Rd Prospect,CT 09/15/15


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Working Attic Fire 186 Bradley Ave Waterbury,CT  09/28/15

Working Fire 15 Lancewood Lane Wolcott,CT 09/24/15

Commercial Structure Fire 14 Waterbury Rd Prospect,CT 09/15/15

Working Structure Fire Elliot Ave Waterbury,CT 09/07/15

Manchester CT Fire Museum and Operating Hartford Fire Antique Water Tower

Structure Fire 684 Wilson St Waterbury,CT 08/21/15

Multi Alarm Factory Fire Bristol St Waterbury,CT 08/13/15

High Speed Rollover Pin Job Rt 8 South Thomaston,CT  08/08/15

Condo Complex Fire Heritage Village Southbury,CT 07/30/15

Structure Fire Occupied Three Decker 85 Congress Ave Waterbury,CT  07/21/15

Structure Fire 500 Block of South Main Waterbury,CT 07/05/15

Structure Fire 57 Norway St Oakville,CT 07/03/15

Heavy Extrication RT 109 Thomaston,CT  06/27/15

Structure Fire 19 Diamond St Naugatuck,CT 06/23/15

Dive Rescue Sylvan Lake Oakville,CT 06/14/15

Well Involved Vacant Residential 226 Orange St Waterbury,CT 05/18/15

Residential Structure Fire 209 Kendall Circle Waterbury,CT 05/15/15

2 Alarm Residential Fire 26 Roosevelt Ave Torrington,CT 05/08/15

Working Fire Vacant Commercial Under Renovation 29 Hill St Waterbury,CT 05/04/15

Mock Prom Impaired Driving MVA Thomaston, CT 04/30/15

Residential Structure Fire 4 Old Schoolhouse Rd Prospect,CT 04/26/14

Residential Structure Fire 2 Garrigus Court Wolcott,CT 04/20/15

Three Alarm Occupied Apartment Building 2604 Main St Hartford,CT 04/16/15

Occupied Multiple Dwelling Fire 49 High St Waterbury,CT 04/11/15

2 Alarm In A Vacant Mixed Occupancy 1363 Main St Hartford,CT  04/02/15

Structure Fire Sylvan Ave Waterbury,CT  03/29/15

Second Multi Alarm Fire Of The Day 124 Central Ave Waterbury,CT  02/28/15

Residential Structure Fire 176 Boyden St Waterbury,CT 02/25/15

Vacant 2 Flat Going Throughout 5444 McDougall St Detroit,Michigan  05/03/14


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